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The #1 secret to success - that colleges don't want you to know.

You may be surprised to hear a college president tell you the #1 secret to success is not a college degree. Although a good college education is important, it is not the primary secret ingredient to happiness, success or financial security.

Students are led to believe that their path to success is dependent solely on their education when actually, it is dependent on four factors:

1) Life skills

2) A clear sense of purpose

3) Emotional intelligence

4) Education and opportunity

Dr. Arlene R. Taylor, a leading speaker on brain functionality says, “Estimates are that IQ contributes about 20% to the factors that determine a person’s success in life, while EQ is responsible for 80% or more. EQ largely determines your professional success in your job or career. Successful managers typically have high levels of EQ, while less successful managers typically have low EQ (often with a high IQ). EQ is synergistic with IQ. That is, top performers in life use both—in harmony.”*

We have brilliant young men and women graduating from college ready to take on the whole world but have had almost no formal EQ education or life skills training throughout their entire K-16 education.

Imagine if your college prepared you with tools and strategies to first succeed in life, then equipped you for success in your occupation. What if your studies included a life portfolio, custom designed for you, to reach your individual dreams and goals? Imagine if your classes included success tools and strategies in relationships, health, home management, finances, and occupational training, all through a Biblical world view.

This is the Champions College difference. We prepare you to succeed in life, first, knowing that when you are equipped with life success tools, you'll succeed at everything else as a result!

Check out Champions College at

Online Classes, Hybrid programs at your church or school, and Summer Intensives.

* Dr. Taylor:

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