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How To Turn Your Church, School or Home into a College Classroom

In the old days of education, students had to go where the professors were. With today's modern technology, Champions brings its campus cohorts to you!

College is no longer about institutions, its about people. It's about learning what you want to learn, your way, with your friends. No two people are alike and neither are your educational objectives. That's why Champion's students create a personalized life portfolio comprised of our success strategy courses in life skills, applied ministry, and vocational training.

The days of one-size-fits-all standardized education is antiquated, leaving students exasperated tying to fulfill requirements of classes that they do not want and will not use. Skyrocketing tuition, and unemployment rates after graduation, have added to the challenge students face. Only 70% of high school graduates go on to 4-year college and almost half of them will drop out before completing their degree*.

Champions College is an Online, Christian, Vocational College developed to allow you to attend classes to fit your lifestyle and objectives, wherever you are. Whether you prefer independent study, or a cohort study group to be with like-minded friends, our full array of programs provides a virtual campus experience wherever you are.

Earn a certificate in vocational or Biblical training while in your high school computer lab. If you prefer, gather your friends and take the courses together through an on-campus Bible Club Cohort. Turn your college/youth group into a cohort campus or study with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. Then join us for a ministry internship, a summer intensive or attend a workshop to meet new friends and study partners!

You do your life your way, let Champions customizable, applied educational units, help you do college your way too.

Check out Champions College at


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