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Do You Live Under Condemnation Or Are You Free In Your Convictions?

Hungry - Day 18

"...'Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin.'" John 8:11

The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of freedom. God is not the God of guilt and shame, he is the God that takes all of our shame, forgives us of all our sin, and frees us from all condemnation.

Shame keeps us from the Kingdom by our own unforgiveness. We imprison ourselves and cast our own sentence of judgement. Condemnation keeps us believing that we will never be good enough.

How can we hunger for the Kingdom when we reject it in us.

Those who find the Kingdom, find it's freedom. Conviction is what firmly holds us to the knowledge of God's goodness. It increases our desire for more of the Kingdom and creates an unmoving determination to dwell in it.

Jesus told the prostitute that he did not condemn her. He freed her from herself. Her freedom did not come through condemnation of sin but rather from conviction to not sin.

The Kingdom of God removes condemnation and replaces it with freedom... not freedom to sin, but freedom from sin.

Challenge: Do you live under condemnation or conviction? What is the difference? What areas of your life do you feel condemnation? What do you have conviction for?

- Deanna

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