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How to Get a Christian Education for the Price of State Tuition.

When I graduated from high school, I had absolutely no idea how to go to college, let alone how to pay for it. Back in the day, we didn't have the same kind of financial aid opportunities as we do now. I was 100% responsible for my tuition and even community college proved to be beyond my very limited budget.

And then it happened, my Dad found a retirement account and offered to help me with my first year. I couldn't believe it! To make it all that much more surreal, my dad insisted I go to my dream college, a private, Christian college I didn't think I could ever attend.

It was glorious... for one year...

That one year cost as much as an entire degree from a state school, and with all the funds depleted, I had to pack my bags, and move home, having tasted a dream that I could no longer be part of. Nine years, a husband, and two children later, I finally worked my way through college to earn a bachelor's degree.

This experience profoundly affected how I view education. In fact, it's why I've started a Christian college. Everyone who wants a Christian education should be able to have one. The gospel is God's free gift with the command to go and make disciples of all men, not just the ones who can afford it. I didn't need some recent politicians to finally point out the obvious. Affordable, applied education, that inspires, empowers and equips the heart, mind and body, has been my goal for 30 years!

Champions College has done it. Students can attend campus for about the same price as state college, and acquire online classes with or without an off campus cohort, for a fraction of the cost. Now, every high school student can get their Biblical studies certification and vocational training right while they are on their high school campus. Bible clubs and youth groups can become study cohorts, churches can equip the saints and families can study together in the privacy of their own homes.

To make this all truly amazing is that Champions is well on track to acquire regional accreditation (that's the big one) that will allow the courses to count as elective transfer credits to high schools and colleges. Summer intensives, ministry internships and conferences connect you directly with other students and train you to hold your own local cohorts for ministry and fellowship while you participate together in your online studies.

Check out Champions College at

* Every college determines it's own credit eligibility as a standard practice of transfer credits.

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