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4 ways your college impacts your future.

Where you attend college is one of the single most important decisions you'll make because of it's influence on your life's most critical decisions. While attending college you will:

1) Choose and train for your career

2) Make friends who influence your decisions

3) Take classes that impact your core values and belief systems, and

4) Even possibly find the love of your life

... all of which are directly influenced by your college choice.

If the most important decisions you'll ever make are influenced by your college, doesn't it make sense to choose one that closely reflects your values?

Unfortunately Christian colleges are too expensive for most students to attend. Those who do, acquire a mountain of debt that can take the majority of their adult lives to pay back. State colleges are a more affordable alternative, but many Christian students find their values are not only disregarded in mainstream academia, but downright attacked. Even more importantly is the absence of a faith-based community, robbing students of some of the most exciting and rich experiences of their college years.

Champions College provides a Christian education at state college prices while providing students with success strategies and tools to succeed in every area of life. Champions provides a variety of programs including, ministries internships, online classes, hybrid programs, and Summer Intensives to help you design the perfect fit for your college needs.

Check out Champions College at

* Dr. Taylor:

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