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How To Live From The Kingdom Of God?

Hungry - Day 13

"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10.

The manifestation of the Kingdom of God is the manifestation of love. In order to Live from his Kingdom of Love you must first fall in love.

One: Jesus can only live through you to the measure you allow.

This is a journey of discovery. It's about falling in love with the Lord with every fiber of your being. No distractions. No side agendas. No pretenses.

Anyone who has ever been in love understands that you become consumed by the thoughts and wellbeing of that person. You wake up thinking about them, go to bed thinking about them, spend every moment possible with them, and plan every aspect of your life around them.

You join your lives so closely to that person that you feel incomplete when they aren't with you.

This is how the Lord loves us. He will not impose his love on you beyond the measure that you want it. His hope is that you will love him the way he loves you.

Two: Jesus must become your bigger "YES".

You can't fool God. He actually knows how authentic your love for him really is. He knows if it is lip service or if you actually have made him your biggest "yes" in life. That means that there is nothing you want more than all of him and you purposefully choose him above everything else.

As you fall more deeply in love with the Lord, you become one with him.

As his love captivates your heart, everything else begins to heal up inside of you. The habits that used to hold you in bondage, fall off, powerless. The addictions lose their hold. Wounds that produced fear, lose their sting. Deception, from things that pulled you away from his presence, are revealed and despised for their counterfeit comfort.

Every part of your life is filled with the righteousness of his love. As these "roots" heal up in you, God's love, which is his power, naturally flows out of you and the fruit of his presence is manifest throughout your life.

Kingdom fruit is nothing more than God's unrestricted love in you that is inturn, reflected through you.

Challenge: What is the biggest "yes" in your life right now? Why? Will you choose to place Jesus above all else in your life? What does that look like?

- Deanna

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