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 Transformation Year 

On campus Freshman start off their college experience with a transformation year to lay the foundations of the rest of their life.

On campus Freshman start off their college experience with a transformation year to lay the foundations of the rest of their life. This course is taken in conjunction with your general studies as part of the first year program.








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Champions College has set itself apart from other colleges with our commitment to equip students in mind, body, soul and spirit. The Essence of Beauty and Powerful Gentlemen programs were designed specifically to train up generals to succeed in your personal life as well as in academics and ministry. Therefore, all new students participate in a year of personal enrichment classes that focus on life preparation. This includes a health and fitness component, beauty and fashion, life classes and the Project-7 Bible series. 



  • SPIRITUAL: Over the course of one year girls will take a spiritual journey of healing that covers the 7 aspects of their complete salvation. This includes discovering the intimate presence of the Lord and a lifestyle permeated with peace and love. You'll discover what you've been saved from and the incredible power behind grace. You'll walk through inner healing, deliverance, the restoration of your spirit, discover your passions and life calling, create a clear path to achieve your dreams and how to sustain the intimate love of the Father through every step.

  • EMOTIONAL: Students go through the "Take it Back" series to gain understanding of God's principals for prosperity in your personal life. Organizational, goal setting and leadership skills are gained in the areas of finance, relationships, home and life management.

  • PHYSICAL: Students embark on a year long journey to achieve maximum health and fitness through proper diet and exercise programs.

  • BEAUTY: Students explore the art of beauty through the application of make up to maximize your own natural beauty with tips and tricks used by the experts.

  • FASHION:  You will learn the foundations of fashion and which colors and styles are best for your body type. You'll also learn how to maximize a limited wardrobe to achieve several different looks.




  • Project-7 Series

    • Love Personified - Loved

    • Redeeming Love - Saved

    • Beyond the Veil - Healed

    • The Gates and High Places - Delivered

    • The Signet Ring - Filled

    • 33 Kingdoms - Sent

    • The Secret Place - Sustained


  • Take it Back Series

    • Taking Back my Heart - Loved

    • Taking Back my Destiny - Saved

    • Taking Back my Body - Healed

    • Taking Back my Mind - Delivered

    • Taking Back my Home - Filled 

    • Taking Back my Relationships - Sent

    • Taking Back my Finances - Sustained


  • The Essence of Beauty Series

    • Beautiful Face - Full of Grace 

    • Beautiful Eyes - Avoiding Lies

    • Beautiful Lips - Speaking Life 

    • Beautiful Hair - Avoiding Snares

    • Beautiful Clothes - Reflecting Glory

    • Beautiful Aroma - The Fragrence of Beauty



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