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Do You Have Spiritual Anorexia?

Hungry - Day 2

"Seek First the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33.

Why did Jesus really came to the earth and what did he really do while he was here? When you read the Bible, Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God and when miracles took place he said, "Behold, the kingdom of God is at hand."

We hear about the Kingdom of God, but do we actually understand what Jesus meant when he said it was among us? I always thought the Kingdom of God was heaven, so how could it be among us?

The first church got it. They knew the love of the father and they saw the signs and wonders that resulted from it. People were healed by God's love first, then saved as a result of their experience.

We still have the same message of the gospel but most of us hardly see any miracles in our lives or in our churches. I've even heard it taught, from the pulpit, that signs and wonders are not for today. I can't find that anywhere in my Bible, in fact, it says we are to be doing even greater things.

We are spiritually anorexic and don't even know it!

How have we been so far removed from the workings of Christ and the miracles the early church walked in? People didn't get saved as the result of Jesus being killed, they were saved because he was resurrected. They didn't get healed because the disciples talked about the miracles Jesus used to do, they were healed because the Holy Spirit was still healing them.

"To be hungry for the Kingdom of God is to realize that there is something you want (or need), that you do not currently have and you are desperately willing to do anything to get." - Matthew Price

Challenge: Do you see consistent miracles in your life and in your church? Why do you think that is or is not?

- Deanna

Taken from "Love Personified" by Deanna Rhinehart

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